I was just diagnosed with AC Arthritis.

I am 65 year old female, was a nurse for 20 years. I was just diagnosed with moderate AC arthritis and some tendenosis. I started using the Ibupropen cream today and I have to see an Ortho Dr. to discuss cortisone injection.

The pain is severe and if I move the wrong way it is at a level 10 and nearly takes
me down to my knees for about 15 seconds. I thought it was a rottor cuff tear but an open MRI without contrast did not show a tear.

Is the cream I am using titrated up with use, I am starting out with 1 ml to the affected area QD X 3 weeks. Oral NSAIDS are of no help.

Would physical therapy help? Peprhaps the Ortho Dr. will order it.

Thank you

Kerry E

Hello Kerry,
Don't be too stressed about the AC arthritis, it's the second most arthritic joint in the body and unless advanced often not the significant factor in shoulder conditions.

What is significant is the fixation in the AC joint, be it arthritic or not. A fixated AC joint means limited shoulder movement, the possibility of frozen shoulder and, because of its close association with the supraspinatus tendon, weakness and lots of pain in the shoulder.

There is considerable danger of biceps tendon rupture after cortisone injections. I would leave it to last resort, though it will probably reduce your pain if applied in exactly the right place.

You make no mention of calcium deposits in the subacromial space. Fortunately.

The scalene muscles and the first rib are often involved as well; and old neck injuries. Had a whiplash?

Take omega-3 for the arthritis, good for you anyway even if it doesn't help the pain substantially.

This is a condition which frequently brings patients to the Chiropractic Coalface. It needs careful analysis and, unlike most chiropractic treatment, can be painful. But not nearly as painful as a cortisone injection!

Obviously I can't make a diagnosis from a distance, but there seem to be elements of frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis). I would start the frozen shoulder exercises you will find at C-H. Use our Search this site function.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

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