i think i have thoracic outlet syndrome

i wonder if i will have permanent damage tot he nerves and muscles as i have had tos for about 2 years and only just diagnosed.

pklease can you recommend a chiropractor in the uk who may be able to help me. I will travel anywhere but i live near north london on the way to cambridge sg4 7db. Thanks

Hello Luci,
I would recommend you contact the British chiropractic Association, and ask them for the name of someone experienced in treating TOS.

After two years it may be tricky, but usually TOS is a syndrome that responds quickly to adjustment of the first rib, and soft tissue therapy on the Scalene muscles. It's not rocket science.

What is difficult is Adson's test which is used to diagnose the condition. It's a very sensitive test and to distinguish between a positive and false positive requires experience. The pulse should return to normal after successful correction of the fixated rib.

A cervical rib and cervical facet syndrome may also come into question.

The classic sign: raising your arm above your head increases the tingling and pain in the fingers, whereas with a pinched nerve root, it lessens the pain.

When phoning for a consultation, ask to speak to the chiropractor, and make sure they know about TOS and Adson's test. If not, go elsewhere.

Good luck, let us know how you get on.

Dr B

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