I left chiropractors office with a different Injury than I went there for.

by Carla

It was one of those things that I really didnt fully trust in but my friend raved about how great her doc was that she talked me I

To going with her. Well, I had my back adjusted and went home with pain in my upper back rib cage area. I have had a few broken ribs and cartilage injuries in the past (not in the area of new pain I might add) so the pain was getting worse as each hour went by. Every breath I took sent a knife like pain in my back. It took about a month for the pain to go away so needless to say....... I have never gone back and don't plan on it.

Can't say I blame you, Carla. I hope you told him/her. Do so, it's the only way we doctors learn - from our mistakes.

It's a hard issue: I personally only address the presenting complaint at the first visit, and once the relationship is established start looking for other problem areas that are going to give trouble in the future if not addressed. But others feel differently.

In your chiro's defence, medical research shows that a full 30% folk going to hospital come home with a problem they didn't have when they went to hospital. It happens in chiropractic clinics too.

A thought: seeing your friend has such faith in her chiro, perhaps go back to him, telling him what you've shared with me. Thanks for being so honest by the way.

He obviously didn't know about the rib issues you've had. He didn't ask, or you didn't tell him. Either way, mishap. Sorry about that.

It sounds like it's healed so all's well that ends well. Just one chiro who's lost a patient, and one patient who's p....d off with chiropractic!

No pain in the breastbone?

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

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