I have tingling in my back next to my spine and under my shoulder blade.

by Carolyn
(Middletown, NY USA)

About 6 or 7 weeks ago I started feeling this tingling (not painful) sensation on the right side of my back in the area that is next to my spin and under my shoulder blade. I had x rays and it showed I have scoliosis but thankfully nothing more. When I told the doc he thought maybe it was a muscle spasm and it was not at all like any muscle spasm I have ever had and I can go maybe days without feeling it and then feeling it almost all day. I get so scared that it is something bad and the x ray did not pick it up.

It sometimes feels liek it can travel right across to my other shoulder blade. Do you have any idea what this can be and what I should do? Thank you for your time.

Hello Carolyn,
You almost certainly have an irritated intercostal nerve, people without scoliosis also get it, but it's more prevalent if you have a curvature.
I would start with a local chiropractor for an examination and a few weeks' chiropractic treatment if your chiro thinks it's coming from your spine. (I take it you feel well, no cough, no weight loss, not a smoker)
If the treatment neither helps nor hinders, then it's time to see a neurologist.
A couple B-complex shots in the bum wouldn't do any harm. Ask your GP what he thinks.
Let me know what transpires. I hope this contributes.
Dr B

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