I have severe pain in left hip and groin, numbness in side of hip.

by Sandra
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

I have severe pain in left hip and groin, numbness in side of hip.

I have osteoporosis, psoriatic arthritis and have tested positive for Lyme Disease. Is chiropractic treatment advisable?

I have been suffering with chronic joint pain for at least 10 years. I had a full right knee replacement. My surgeon advises left knee replacement in the spring.

Three weeks ago I was involved in a three car rear end collision on the highway. My car was hit from behind and crashed me into the car ahead. The impact was severe enough to break the back of my driver seat and require both back and front bumper replacement and body work. I tried to brake to avoid hitting the car in front but could not stop, so I hit it with my right leg straight out pushing hard on the brake and both arms braced on the wheel.

I have been going to a physio therapist for three weeks now and my neck, shoulders, back, hip and leg, especially the right knee hurt more each day.

Pain in hip and groin is keeping me awake even with T3s. Received TENS, ultrasound and deep tissue massage and pain keeps increasing. Neck and shoulder Xrays showed no bone damage from accident just general decrepitation.

What would you recommend as a next step? The acute pain in addition to my chronic pain is making me a bit surly!

Thank you for your consideration of this matter.

Hello Sandra,
Mm, I can understand you're a bit surly; not grumpy too?!

Please lie on your back and gently pull your knee to the chest, and then to the opposite shoulder. Compare sides, and let me know what happens. Keep to this thread

Dr B

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Dec 01, 2014
Respnse to Dr. B
by: Sandra

I have been doing this @home exercise to try to relieve the pain, knees up and then over toward opposite shoulder on advice of my physiotherapist. I have extreme pain in the hip joint (sciatic?) on the right side. (gas pedal leg) In fact the original post is backwards, pain is focussed on right side, neck, back, hip and leg. Pain is worse on waking and on changing from sitting to standing but it is there constantly as a dull ache with the occasional stabbing pain. I haved also been getting cramps in my right leg, upper and lower. In therapy since Oct 7 twice a week and still feel just as sore if not worse. Thanks???

Hello again, Sandra,
It's hard to be sure from a distance, but this sounds like a hip problem, rather than your back radiating to the hip.

If it were in your back, then bending forwards, backwards or to the side would give you lower back pain, radiating to the hip area. The Slump Test for sciatica would be positive; use the Search function at Chiropractic Help to find it. I think it will probably be negative. The Femoral nerve stretch is more difficult.

An xray of your pelvis is the next step; there may be a hairline fracture lurking, or the hyaline cartilage in the joint has been severely contused.

Seeing your knee is also now playing up, my best advice is to go back to your orthopaedic surgeon. Soon. If he finds nothing, consider seeing a local chiropractor who specialises in the hip joint.

Dr B

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