I have had numbness on the top of my right foot for three weeks

by Shona
(Rancho Cordova, CA)

In 2000 I was walking to my car and was struck by a motor vehicle. As a result of that accident I had neck problems and lower back off/on pain. My back never bothered me for more than one day occasionally but my neck was terrible and in 2013 I had my neck fused. I have been blessed with the ability to stay active to spite my injuries and feel good.

However, the numbness of my foot in new to me and strange that it is on the top of my foot and slightly in between the two toes right of my big toe on my right foot. Once in a while I experience some light pain on the lower left side of my back just above my rear.

Hello Shona,
Awful to have been hit by a car like that.

That numbness in the right foot probably belongs to the L5 dermatome, but what is odd is that you have left LBP.

Very occasionally a neck fusion can affect your leg, but it's rare.

There are three little tests you can and should do; do them carefully.

1. Can you provoke that numbness in the foot by bending forwards, backwards and to the side?

2. Can you raise your big toe?

3. Is the Slump test for sciatica positive; use the search function at chiropractic help to find it.

Let me know what the results are.

Dr B

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