I have an old fracture of the right acetabulum from a car accident five years ago

by Christina Hudson
(Hesperia Calfornia)

For the past year my right leg would tingle when I stay in one position too long and I have been falling more often. Is there anything I can do about the tingling. I have also have been in more pain.

Thank you for your help.

Dear Christina,

I can obviously only talk in general terms, not have examined you, or seen your X-rays.

After an acetabular fracture there will be a build up of degenerative arthritis in your hip joint. That means less movement in the hip. Catch 22 - less movement means less swishing about of the synovial fluid in the hip joint that supplies the hyaline cartilage in the acetabulum. And that means more arthritis.

The solution is to keep that hip moving. Gently pull your hip to the shoulder and the rotate the hip. Do it every day before getting out of bed, and several times a day, for say 1 minute.

That tingling in your leg means that a nerve is being irritated. Only a careful examination will determine which nerve is being affected, and where it's being pinched. Type "Femoral nerve" into the Search this site at Chiropractic Help for some ideas.

Another difficulty is that you are almost certainly less active than before the accident - and that means weight gain - murder for your hip. Try swimming and cycling, and eating correctly. Plenty of fatty fish is important - the omega-3 has been proved to help arthritis.

I recommend you gather together your X-rays and scans, and start looking for a careful, thorough chiropractor in your neck of the woods.

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