I have an ache on upper side of my leg.

by Lorraine
(Cliffwood Beach, New Jersey )

» I have an ache on upper side of my leg

My left upper leg (panty line) feels as though I need to "crack" it. I know it sounds crazy. This pain has happened to me in the past;the way it appeared it departed.

This just started hurting me last nite Saturday June 20th. My husband and I just got back from a 12 hour drive the night before on Friday June 19th. I had absolutely no cramping in the car on our way home.

I am limping today as I walk. There is discomfit when I sit. I'm taking an antibiotic for sinus infection. Otherwise I'm not on any other medications or do drugs. I was 59 in February.

What do you suppose - maybe it will go away same as it came. I've had this before and it left right away.
Thank you for your input.

Hello Lorraine,
I take it this is in the front of the leg, or perhaps the side of the hip.

The body doesn't like long sits, and it is probably related to your journey. Like all conditions, don't get too excited when it first starts, but also don't allow it to become chronic.

First a little test; lie on your back and pull first your right knee to the chest and then to the opposite shoulder. Remember what you feel. Repeat with the naughty leg. Is there a difference? Let me know.

I would do a little exercise for a week, based on the above. Lying on your back, pull the knee to the chest ten times, and then make a circle in the hip joint, going from out to in. Then pull both knees together, and perhaps a few pelvic tilts.

If it hasn't gone in a week, get professional advice. One needs to rule out a defect in the cartilage in the hip. I hope this helps.

Dr B

» I have an ache on upper side of my leg

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