I have a complete set of cervical ribs

by Carolyn Jacobson
(North Fort Myers Florida )

I am in constant pain with tingling down both arms. Complete reversed curvature of my neck causes continual stress in my shoulders and neck. I also suffer from being light headed with very poor circulation down both arms. I have failed to find adequate chiropractic in my locale. What can I do? I am 64 years old and have suffered most of my life. I need some relief.

Hello Carolyn,
Yes, a nasty neck with evidence of both old (probably quite serious) whiplash to reverse the cervical lordosis, plus the anomalous ribs.

How large are the ribs? Can you either attach an AP xray view, or the report?

Because the ribs may extend through the interscalene triangle, they can interfere with the blood supply to the arm. Do your arms swell? It's not often the vein is affected.

It's hard for me to advise; try some cervical traction, modify your neck movements by restricting movements that provoke pain or tingling. Go for a monthly chiropractic treatment. Nothing is going to cure it.

And even surgical removal of the ribs, a nasty procedure, not without dangers, won't help the symptoms coming from the kyphotic neck.

Has Adson's test been done on you? Enter it into the search engine at chiropractic help.

All in all, difficult; follow our instincts. You're not wingeing about nothing; this hurts.

Dr B

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