I can hear my head articulating on my neck....no pain. Just annoying and stiff

by Vicki
(Salt Lake City, UT USA)

Happened about three months ago (last Fall). I had to receive flu vaccine for work. I selected the nasal spray form of the influenza vaccine b/c no Guilliam-Barre incidences. I don't know if related or not.

I have had several chiro machine stretches and electrodes attached to deliver current and adjustments but articulation sight is way up sequestered between the occipital bones. I had a chiro friend who said that he adjusted the axial bone and wanted to do that but a very expensive x-ray machine was involved and he had not pursued.

You appear very knowledgeable wondering if you have any ideas or a referal for someone with this sophisticated imaging equipment?

Hello Vicki,
Rather start with a plain X-ray. Much cheaper and gives plenty of information, not as good as a scan, true. Also less radiation.

You probably have some wear-and-tear in your neck, that's the most common cause of stiffness and clicking or grinding sounds.

Dr b

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