Hypermobile hips with popping and pain

by Lydia
(Milwaukee, WI)


I am 30 years old. I have known of my hypermobile hips since I can remember. As a kid I was told not to run and jump a lot, in case it wore down my hip ligaments. I also have a back/spinal injury from an old horseback riding accident, I was 12. The accident left me with a twist at the bottom of my vertebrate, which you will see in the attached picture of my fairly recent xray.

The fall also caused one side of my pelvis to stop growing, thank goodness I was almost done growing already. Anyway, I had relatively no pain in my back or hips for the longest time, until the last 4 years. Popping in my right hip started within the last 10, but increased much more in the last 5 in the right hip, eventually both.

Within the last year the popping is very frequent in my right hip, and it's starting to worry me. The only exercise I do is Pilates, yoga, running stairs and walking, and along with the increased popping it it causing pain, mostly in the right hip.

Also, my back pain from my injury has reared it's ugly head this last February, and I started seeing a chiropractor. He has been very helpful, although it left my back feeling worse at first, since I never had my injury treated when it happened, I kept the injury to myself at the time, but over the course of a couple months the muscles around the site stopped pinching an seizing. Now the pinching is still there, but as long as I take care not to over exert myself, there is not much pain, just stiffness.

Not only am I concerned of the state of my hip ligaments as they are right now, but my husband and I are looking to start a family soon, and I am worried that pregnancy and carrying a child might exacerbate my problem. I have heard I might need some form of physical therapy late in pregnancy. I just started seeing a new primary doctor, and am not sure if I should talk to her about this, or if I should just straight up search for a specialist, and if so, which kind?

I will talk with my chiropractor about this in the next month, but am hoping for some more information and hope!. Thank you for your time!

Hello Lydia,
Yes, I need to see that photo of your pelvis. Send it from your regular computer, either here if you can attach it, or to contact.

A distinction needs to be made between hypermobile hips and hip dysplasia. In the latter, the cover of the hips is reduced, and the shape of the roof of the acetabulum slopes upwards. In the latter, there's a great tendency to get hip arthritis, but not in the former. It sounds like you might have developmental dip dysplasia.


Has granny had a hip replacement?

Start by sending me that x-ray, and then we'll take it further.

Dr Barrie Lewis DC


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