Hypermobile Hips with popping and pain pt. 2

by Lydia
(Milwaukee, WI)

Pelvic XRay Standing

Pelvic XRay Standing

Thank you for responding to me on my concerns. The pain has increased even within the last day, to constant ache no matter if I am sitting or standing. Usually there would be an unpleasant pressure in the right hip until I moved so it would pop. I'm not sure if this will stay this way, but that is the update.

Here are the two X-Rays I have. They were taken back in the beginning of March of this year. Thank you for your time!


Hello Lydia,
Please keep the same thread in responding, so I can read your original concerns.

I take it you took these digi photos yourself of the original X-rays. Could you please take a spot picture of the right hip - get up close - and the lateral lumbo-sacral joint. These are not of diagnositic quality. Send them to brlewis@mweb.co.za without reducing the size of the images.

I can see there's something going on the right hip, but not what.

There is a huge amount of rotation of the lumbar vertebrae, so clearly this is a back and hip condition. Really two different conditions that feed off each other.

Take those pics..
Dr B

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