Hurts in my midback after laying down hours

by Anthony
(Cazadero, California, USA )

Went to the chiropractor four days ago to get adjustment on my middle back as I was feeling some heat and in the past each time I have gone it basically addressed the issue. Now the difference with this one and I am at a different chiropractor in a different state is that a couple of days after the adjustment after a good night's sleep my middle back really hurts; it only gets better during the day as I move and I actually feel nothing; it feels great.

Wondering why I am feeling this old man pain after laying down in bed through the night wondering if you have any ideas.

Your whole description, Anthony, suggests that your chiropractor should be thinking out of the box. "Feeling some heat" is not typically the sort of description that patients give for midback pain.

In addition, night pain should always be taken more seriously.

I'd start with a visit to your medical doctor. Let me know what comes of it please.

Dr B

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