How should I lay in bed?

I've been diagnosed with TOS... I hate it but I'm gonna learn to deal with it. I'm pretty good about the stretching, proper lifting and posture. I've got that part pretty well managed. Most of my aching is in the morning after I wake up. I can tell its from the posture of my neck and head and was wondering if there are any pillows or techniques to help me rest in a better position.

Who made the diagnosis, and what prognosis were you given? In the main it's a highly treatable syndrome; perhaps not curable though.

You're fortunate that it doesn't wake you in the night; in its bad form you don't get a good night's rest.

Sleeping posture is an individual thing. What I can tell is that sleeping on your tum will worsen it.

Best in my opinion is on your side, with one thin feather pillow, but others prefer two.

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Dr B

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