How a frozen shoulder should be treated?

by mehtab

I have a deep pain in my shoulder from last three months,and i did not take it seriously and thought that it will be muscle pull.

But now my condition is really pitiable. I can't take off my T-shirt and can't even scratch my back.

After collecting all of my will power I can't pull my hand up and down. To some extent i can move it up and down but very painfully...

Hello Mehtab,
Yes, Frozen Shoulder is one of the most debilitating conditions treated in our clinics. It's very painful, so don't think you are complaining about nothing. It is serious...

Have you been to our Frozen Shoulder Exercises page? You can see the exercises on YouTube. That's a must and probably the best you can do.

I'm afraid that a careful and thorough examination of your neck, the first rib and the Acromio Clavicular Joint is needed, and that you can't do for yourself.

I don't know of chiropractors in Pakistan, but you may be lucky. Perhaps a good masseur who is ready to bully you. It will be painful...

Dr B

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