Hip/femurs pain, worse at night and sitting down. Radiating can last a few days

by Stephanie
(Victoria, Australia )

I first noticed left sided hip pain that radiated down my femur to my knees and heel during my first pregnancy seven yesars ago. It resolved after a few days. The pain often grips me in the groin and keeps me awake at night.

I have gone to a chiropractor with little or no effect. Analgesia works for a while but I don't like living on pills as I see it as a bandaid approach. I have read so many blogs of others experiencing the same pain and I have tried all the home remedies with no luck. It only affects my left hip and thigh and so debilitating. Any advice would be so appreciated. I am 39, female, not over weight and in good health generally. Thanks.

Hello Stephanie,
The first thing to establish is whether this is really a femoral nerve radiation, or a hip problem, or even pubic bone pain.

Lie flat on your back, and pull your right knee to your chest, then to the opposite shoulder, and then make a circle using the knee as a lever. Remember what you feel.

Repeat with the naughty hip. Is it significantly stiffer or painful in the groin?

Set your hips in the Faber position. Is the left distinctly stiffer or more painful in the hip or groin?

Using a little oil on your thumb, run it down your inner thigh, and then towards the pubic bone, starting at the iliac crest. Is it much more tender on the left than the right?

If these are positive findings, I would get an x-ray taken of your pelvis, preferably standing. Let me know.

Dr B

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Mar 18, 2016
Groin and leg pain and numbness
by: Stephanie

Dear Dr B, thank you for your response, it means a lot to me receiving your advice. I tried your suggestion, but couldn't give a clear answer. The pain I experience lasts for around two to three days at most and can be so severe I am awake for up to three hours in the middle of the night. Standing up seems to be the only way to elevate it naturally. Lying on the affected side is impossible as is my back.

I find if I can lie with a pillow between my legs from groin to foot on the opposite side it's a little better.

The sedation is a deep ache with a numbness in my lower leg and foot, yet the groin and buttocks is a very sharp pain. I am going to my chiropractor on Monday so I will discuss what I have learnt from you with her and keep you posted. Thank you once again.

Hello Steph,
One of those tests would have been positive if it was a hip condition, yet it still needs to be kept in mind.

Work out as accurately as you can which part of your leg feels numb, and whether there is any weakness developing in the muscles; see the link below. In particular, is your knee giving on the stairs?

Prick you leg with a sharp needle, comparing legs.

Ask your chiropractor if the femoral nerve stretch is positive?

Some gentle lower back exercises are important.

I've had a pinched femoral nerve myself, and have treated hundreds, perhaps thousands; it hurts a lot, especially at night. So I have some understanding of what you're going through; you're not going crazy. It's very painful.

Good luck,

Dr B

» Groin and leg pain and numbness

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