hip pain or femoral nerve entrapment?

Where is the restriction and pain? If there is any.

Where is the restriction and pain? If there is any.


I have been having treatment for disc bulges since March 2015. A MRI scan revealed there was two bulges pushing in the spinal canal area L4 L5 and L5 S1. I have not been to the GP with this until this week as I wanted to sort it with chiropractic help and exercise. The initial pain was all around both sides of my sacrum and I could do very little, I had problems emptying my bladder for 48 hours, bending and standing was very painful.

It gradually got better but has never gone all together. I work on a farm and it is heavy going at times so every time I felt better I did a bit too much then back to square one. I have been having treatment at least every two weeks. Although I get a dull ache in my lower back the pain is in my hip, it is okay when I stand but after sitting and driving I can not straighten or weight bear on my left leg for a good while.

I walk with a limp and lose my balance a lot. My quads ache just above my knee like toothache, a real nagging pain. I also get a weird tingling sensation in my calf and toe numbness from my pinky to the third toe but this is mainly when driving.

I cannot adduct my leg so have to put my socks on by picking my leg up behind. I don't have full range of movement as I find it hard to bend down. I have been using inversion therapy which has helped my back relax but done nothing for my hip pain. I took myself off to the doctors this week as it is affecting my work, and walking which we love to do. I am a 46 year old female 5ft 6 weigh 10 stone and have always been physically fit and flexible. I have been referred to a spinal specialist but want to avoid surgery at any cost.

Thank you for a very clear post. I wish everyone took as much care.

Firstly, it's always emphasised in a chiropractor's education, that the patient can have two diseases. It's possible that you have both a hip problem and another completely separate one in your back.

Let's start by following that train of thought. Lie on your back and pull the normal knee to the chest, then towards the opposite shoulder and then drop it into the lotus position; note what you feel. Now repeat with the naughty leg.

Let me know EXACTLY what you feel, and then we'll take the lower back issues further.

Have you had an xrays of your pelvis? Could you attach it or send to contact. Are you doing any lower back exercises faithfully every day?

Dr B

» hip pain or femoral nerve entrapment?

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