Hip Pain and Lumbar Issues

by Mary
(Joshua Tree, CA USA)

I have been told my right leg is shorter than my left, so it's not surprising that I have hip joint pain. The hip pain feels like it's deep in the socket and radiates down the right side and into the front of the thigh.

I also have some lumbar issues in that although the pain isn't bad (mostly a mild dull ache), I am unable to arch my back fully. I was told about 6 years ago that I have some stenosis in the lumbar area, so that is probably why I no longer have the full range of motion when I try to arch my back. I find that sitting for extended periods of time really aggravates the pain in my hip.

Hello Mary,
There's nothing unusual about a short leg, it all depends on how much. Providing the right orthotic is often problematic producing unusual pains sometimes.

The real question here is whether this is a hip issue, or a back problem radiating to the hip, or two separate conditions. Only a careful and thorough examination will tell.

Start by lying on your back and pulling the knee to the chest, then to the opposite shoulder, then making a circle. Place the heel on the opposite knee and drop the knee into the lotus position. Now repeat with the naughty hip. Is there a marked difference?

Let me know, keeping to this thread.

Dr B

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Apr 28, 2016
Hip Pain and Lumbar Issues
by: Anonymous

I do practice gentle therapeutic yoga, which helps a lot. I need to find a trusted chiropractor in my area, but since I don't have a good insurance plan, treatments of any kind are very expensive for me. I am very active, despite my challenges (hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, yoga) and feel like this is the only way to keep things at bay.

I might add that when I sleep, I often wake up with slight numbness in both arms, hands, and legs below the knee area. I had a rock climbing accident 9 years ago where my partner fell on me from about 20 feet above. The only MRI I had was back in 2010 as I cannot afford one these days. At that time they told me the C6 and especially the C7 was compromised, so the numbness in the hands and arms obviously stems from that. They also said I had some stenosis in the L5 and L6. On top of that, I found out I have some scoliosis and perhaps that is why one leg is slightly shorter. Spinal issues and scoliosis run rampant on my mother's side of the family. In fact, my mother has a severe case of kyphosis, but she is 88 years old and it only got very serious within the last 15 years. That said, I've got a lot going on! I still think my daily exercise routine is probably very important. Even the neurologist in 2010 told me to keep climbing, hiking, etc., and that only I would know what my body's limitations are.

Thanks for the help!

Pleasure. Keep busy.

You probably saved your partner's life so all was not in vain.

Remember that if you have no or little insurance then you've been stashing away that insurance money elsewhere. Now it may be the time to use it.

Dr B

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