Hip pain and "blocking" of quadriceps

by Anetta

Hip pain, muscle cramping, cramping and "blocking" of quadriceps when walking.

I fell on my right side and twisted my ankle. I did not feel any pain in my back for a few days until I started wearing a walking boot/orthosis.

It started to hurt low back right and feeling of fullness in the outer hip. In a while my lags started to cramp when I walked.this would be relieved by sitting or lying down.

I had a feeling of fullness(swelling) in my legs and quadriceps and other muscles were cramping,shaking and weak.

There was also the pain in the buttocks, tender muscles as if beaten with abaseball bat. After a couple of visits to a chiropractor it has improved a little and then ,without warning, came back with more pain in outer hip,very low mid back, feeling of my leg longer than the other and cramps in front thigh and sides of thigh.

I did an MRI which showed some disc degeneration L3-L4 and L4-L5,slight bulging but nothing major.

What could it be? I had to stop walkig for the past months and sometimes even daily tasks are very painful. it hurts when walking or standing, sometimes. Soothes down at night.

Gosh, Anetta, I'm really not sure. What I need is more clinical information, like does it hurt if you bend forward, backwards, to the side. Are the nerve stretch tests positive. Which muscles are weak, the reflexes, and any numbness.

What's not unusual is what I call the 50 percent less pain sign ... the pain goes away faster than it heals and then, if we're not careful, comes back with a vengeance.

Are you still seeing your chiropractor, or did you stop the treatment? In a difficult condition like this, on-going care is usually necessary. Did s/he give you exercises? Ask for some, that is vital.

I wish I could be more helpful, but alas so far away! Take your scan to the chiro again.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

I would appreciate your imput.

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