hip osteoarthritis

by Jamie
(Marlow, Oklahoma)

Do you have any specific stretches and exercises for osteoarthritis of the hip. I am 53 years old and have moderate osteoarthritis of right hip. I want to do all I can to prevent or at least delay as long as possible any type of drugs or surgery. I may have overlooked any mentioned in this website. Thank you for any helpful information.

Hello Jamie,
First, most important, have someone stand behind you, shirt off, and place their hands on your iliac crests, and check: is one lower than the other?

Lots of research showing the folk with a "leg lenth inequality" (use the Search this site function at Chiropractic Help for more info) have a higher prevalence of hip and knee arthritis.

Secondly, is there ANY sign of Developmental Hip Dysplasia (too little cover of the ball), or Femero Acetabular Impingement Syndrome (too much cover) on the X-ray? You can attach the X-rays to this page.

Thirdly, your sacroiliac joint should be adjusted every few months. It will tend to fixate altering the biomechanics of hip and increasing the OA. I also do an intensive mobilisation of the hip and capsule, but that you couldn't do.

For treatment, I would do our basic three exercises on the Lower back exercises page, very simple and basic, EVERY morning before getting out of bed. Last thing at night too.

Then, GENTLY, rotate your hip from out to in, so that you can feel the pinch in the groin, but without it causing any pain. You are increasing the flow of nutrient-rich fluid in the joint.

Lastly, on that same exercise page, scroll down to Core Exercise. That will strengthen the large hip / back muscles. Do all these faithfully if you want to avoid that op.

Lastly, take fish oil capsules daily, eat more fatty fish, flax seed oil.

Oh, yes, one more: actually THE most important. Lots of research showing that the single most important thing that you or anyone can do for your hip is lose weight if you are obese. See our Weight loss programs at C-H. No compromise: get it off or suffer. It may mean a whole new way of living and eating. Getting into salads, fruit, hummus, oats, olive oil, fish and halving the carbs in your diet.

One more! Research on glucosamine chondroitin is weak, but research from Harvard strongly recommends a Chicken Bones extract made in your own kitchen.

You can get info on all these using that search function at C-H. Good luck, hope this contributes.

Dr B

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Mar 13, 2012
Natural remedies
by: Anonymous

Hello there are many many foods and herbal supplements you can Google and find that will naturally deter inflammation in your body as well. And find calcium rich foods but also one thing to consider is your magnesium levels since magnesium helps with the proper absorption of calcium. So another thing to look for. If you are on other prescribed medication I would consult with your doctor prior to using any herbal supplements most will not approve of such just something to take into consideration.

Yes, that magnesium may be significant. Research shows that a magnesium deficiency is the primary cause of chondro calcinosis, a primary cause of arthritis. Spinach if my memory serves me correctly is the best source. Eggs Florentine!

Dr B

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