hip arthritis

Hello sir, I am diagnosed with hip degeneration. I am 38 years old. After taking medicdations, the pain has disappeard. Doctor told me it is in the initial stage.

He asked me to go for cycling, and walking. I sit long time in front of the computer, dirnk lot of milk, eat lot of chicken meat and lot of rice as well. Can one of these affect my hip badly.

What are the food that can prevent hip degeneration and what are the exercises that are recommended?

Expacting your reply.

Thanking you in anticipation

S. R K.

Dear SRK,
The single most important thing is that hip must move regularly through its full range of motion. Every half and hour, say, whilst sitting at the computer, push your chair back and pull your knee to your chest and gently rotate the hip. It's okay to feel it, some discomfort, but not to the point that causes pain.
Try and locate the movement that is most restricted and painful, and gently rotate the hip. The idea is two-fold. Firstly to replenish the fluid in the joint with fresh oxygen and nutrients.
And secondly, to gently "polish" off any high spots. But do it sensibly, or you will set up inflammation, and more pain.

Have you heard of Beri-beri? It's a serious disease caused by eating white rice, devoid of the B vitamins. In its full-blown status it's not common today, but mild cases occur, and the cartilage in your hip need the very best nutrients. Brown rice only.

Make sure you include fruit and salad in your diet. And more vegetable protein. Hummus, tofu, beans and lentils.

If you can't get fresh fish, then I would take omega-3 oil. Vital in all cases of arthritis.

Hip arthritis is often associated with a sacro-iliac joint fixation which complicates the hip condition. If you have a chiropractor nearby, I have your SI joint checked.

Yes, cycling and walking are great. Swimming too.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

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