hip arthritis X-ray results

Hip arthritis X-ray results give one an idea of how advanced the disease is.

Degenerative change of both hips with early joint space loss on the right with ossification of the right ileo lumbar ligament.... What's the prognosis?

Hello Trish,
It all depends on whether you are prepared to ring some changes; and how old you are.

At 70, I wouldn't be concerned, but if you're 45, there are troubles ahead unless you are prepared to
1. Start mobilising those hips and strengthening the muscles around them every day. We're talking about less than five minutes.

2. Change your diet to include the anti inflammatory foods, and cutting out the crap.

3. Make sure your weight is right.

4. Have your leg lengths checked. A simple insert in or under the shoe is the solution.

Having your sacroiliac joint examined for a fixations.

All in all there's much to be done, with only early joint space loss, but there's zero chance of a cure. Like most medical conditions it's treatable and manageable with the right care, but it won't go away.

Is there any talk of hip dysplasia or impingement?

Dr B

» hip arthritis X-ray results

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