Hip and neck pain after chiropractor.

by Agata

I'm 20 years old. I went to chiro to adjust my lower back because I damaged myself with excercise. Also he adjusted my chest part of spine and never touched a neck but used a machine, an impulsator and with this technique slowly made me feel better. After 8 visit I could tell I was practically cured but he let me come back every week so I went. It was a mistake visit.

That time it was other chiropractor in the clinic. I never wanted my neck to be adjusted but as he said he lightly adjusted it, so that I heard cracks. Also he adjusted my lower back, but very unfortunate... My neck hurts very badly. I never had that pain.

I can feel like a bulbs there. It's hard to sleep, hard to sit straight. It's worse tha it was... I also sometimes feel needling to my arm or to face. And my lower back... Lower back hurts, but also my hip hurts. It's horrible pain! I can't stand the pain of hip. My legs are not straight. The one with pain is shorter. It hurts when I lay down or when I walk. All the time... Is it any hope to cure my back? I'm young I want to be healthy. It's one week now after the unfortunate adjustment. Should I go to orthopedic and tell him that I went to chiropractor?

After the unfortunate adjustment I went to the chiro twice. He do my neck with the machine and adjust my back as always, but my hip keep hurting.
I'm all broken, I'm depressed because of that. I'm worried I can't do sports I like anymore. Or dance... Please help, advice..

I would go back to the first chiropractor who treated you and seemed to have a better understanding of what your problems are.

Meantime, I woulndn't sport, or dance; take things quietly for a week or two, and use ice for pain. Do some gentle exercises as home.

Let us know how you get on.

Dr B

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