Hip and groin pain after a fall on the knee five months ago

by Sherine
(Wrexham )

I have terrible pain in my groin and hip. I fell to my knees in January due to having pneumonia, when I was able to get out of bed. I had pain in my groin, it's got extremely worse since then (January); some days I can hardly walk.

I had a c5/6 dysectomy 11yrs ago, obviously, I have altered feelings, never been in so much pain as I am now.

The pain moves to certain parts of my legs; if I sit on a hard chair, I struggle to walk with pain, I struggle with a step, it just doesn't go away, getting me down.

Hello Sherine,
Start by lying on your back and pulling your knee to your chest, and then towards the opposite shoulder, and then dropping your leg into the lotus position. Compare with the other side and let me know.

It's time for an x-ray of your pelvis; you may have cracked your pubic bone in the fall. How old are you, and ever any mention of osteoporosis?

Please reply on a computer not one of them dumb phones; took me longer to correct your grammar than reply to your question!

Dr B

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