Herniated discs and can't stand straight up

by Rebecca

Herniated discs and can't stand straight up is known as an antalgia; leaning away from or sometimes towards the side of pain.

I was diagnosed with a herniated disk and sciatica I can't stand straight up; I'm hunched over been like this for almost 2 weeks; please help me.

Hello Rebecca,
This too will pass, but you do have to take some immediate steps.

Firstly it sounds like you are in what's known as an "antalgic posture", or what I call the sign of Pisa; leaning to the side. You simply have to go to bed, do very specific exercises and generally be very careful for a couple weeks.

Otherwise it then goes down your leg and becomes distinctly more difficult to manage.

I strongly recommend you go to our "slipped disc rules" page, and follow them to the letter. Remember this will take a minimum of six weeks to heal, long after the pain has gone. Otherwise you'll have a setback, and start again at square one.

Do our lower back exercises every day before arising from bed for the rest of your life; I do them myself, and never miss. They take less than two minutes.

Dr B

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