herniated 2 discs in lumbar lateral more than 25 percent effaced

Do you have pain when sitting and someone straightens your leg? With your head flexed on your chest?

Do you have pain when sitting and someone straightens your leg? With your head flexed on your chest?

Although I am not in pain, I am not feeling normal in that area including my gluteal area. As though I am on that lateral side weak in some places,as though a tendon in my butt is out of place; in bed maybe a small ache that then leaves; I thought that this kind doesn't get reabsorbed and that I will have it for life, but now I am wondering, can't I heal it so my spine is back to where it was?

Bone can knit, with proper attention even an inguinal hernia can heal......on that same side I have torn medial meniscus third degree, I am not in pain for it but that would alter my walking a little.

Were those two herniated discs seen on an MRI? Cannot be detected on plain film x-ray.

The big thing is that you're not in pain; that's HUGELY positive. In particular no pain in the leg mentioned.

Okay, so it's not normal, which of us have normal backs?

What is normal?

The big thing is to accept that you SHALL do lower back exercises EVERY morning before getting out of bed; and again before sleep.

Your back is obviously warning you that unless you take this seriously, there is trouble ahead. That means for several weeks being careful, sitting and bending less, and no heavy lifting.

Yours is the sort of back that chiropractors deal with on a daily basis; you've obviously had this for a long time, so no proper 'cure' is likely no matter what the treatment.

My treatment programme would be 6-10 treatments over a month or so, and then accept that an adjustment every 4- 10 weeks is on the cards.

Good luck, I hope it works out for you. It certainly won't be perfect.

Dr B

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