by Sir Chales Jizzpants

the other guy with that

the other guy with that

one time something happened, it was terrible, it was tragic.

one time on my way to save the princess from her castle, I got in a terrible horse accident... I am a knight, so this sort of thing rarely happens.
Anyway as I proceeded to save the princess, a dragon awoken; my back, already in pain became ever increasingly numb and uncomfortable. I climbed up the castle window to her room using her extremely long hair as a rope. I grappled and struggled with it for many hours.
The dragon which by the way had down syndrome, girdled and grimaced at me using its false teeth, otherwise known as dentures. that beast had a mind of its own... (usually dragons are remote-controlled.) He breathed fire at me and eventually felt bad and "came" on me.
I've become unaware that as I was being "fired" and "came" on, the princess got scared and hid under the bed... Knowing this, I decided she was a pussy and not worth my time.

my question is, at night I am feeling back pain and the numbness in my extremities increases and decreases at moments notice. I am in Ireland. My royal Highness will pay the bills and expenses of my operation.

please get back at me

Sir Charles Jizzpants.

Hey Jizzy, I was concerned at first, but now I understand, you're Irish, right? Haven't spoken English there for years, right. Certainly don't know too much grammar, full stops (yah, right, it's always boring having to stop), but capital letters, they're the world over, except Chinese, I think, and they don't count. Like the Americans, they haven't spoken English for years either, but there are a lot of you green people over there too, so that explains things.

But, reading between the lines you back pain when you get fired up, and the princess has to hide. That's not uncommon.

Now the important part. Foreplay must include a "time-out" for you to do the Lumbar facet syndrome exercises which you'll find at "lower back exercises". In fact, see if you can persuade the princess to do them too whilst she's hiding under the bed. She's more likely to come out, unaided, too... otherwise that explosive coming on certainly is likely to give you back pain. In Dutch we call it voorbereiding, in English warm up, and in Irish? Hell, I've no idea. Ask Murphy, he'll know.


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