Help in pain

by Kellly
(Scotland ayr)

I went to a chiropractor for the first time 3 days ago for neck and base of head pain and tightness; he adjusted me and also said muscles at top of my back were stuck so sorted that.

Is it normal to feel sore and weak in my neck, top of back; and my arms and legs feel sore and weak.

Hello Kelly,
Some after pain from chiropractic treatment is normal, just as you have after having your tonsils or wisdom teeth out.

Having said that, there are concerns about your arms and legs feeling sore and weak; are you sure they are directly related to the treatment?

Rome wasn't built in a day, nor can it be expected that a condition like you have would resolve with one treatment. The norm is a course of say six to eight adjustments of your spine, and then some exercises and a followup dependent on how long you've had the condition and many other factors.

Unless your gut feeling is very strongly against it, I'd return for the second consultation and express your concerns. If the chiropractor refuses to listens, or brushes over the pain you are having, particularly that in your legs, then I'd refuse the second treatment and leave.

But yes, some discomfort and pain, particularly for a chronic condition, after chiropractic treatment is not unusual.

I hope this contributes to your dilemma.

Dr B

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