heavy neck tingling clicking and feeling dizzy

by .mila
(UK )


I suffer from spinal cord compression on the T11 and t12 that has been causing me a lot of problems.

Recently I have also started with heavy neck pain, stiffness and clicking in the neck causing nausea and feeling that my body sways to one side.

I find that this happens like a small attack of heavy feeling of the neck and severe pain followed by feeling sick in my head and cannot carry my neck.

It makes me feel dizzy and a few weeks ago I had some soacrissrt of attack after I was trying to do a exercise.

My body was thrown across the room.

Could you help me please.
Thanks, Mila.

Hello Mila,
I wish I could come up with some positive ideas but odd neurological symptoms like these are difficult to categorise.

Certainly my initial thoughts were that yours is not a chiropractic case.

If you haven't seen a neurologist, that's the place to start.

Dr B

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