Hard, non tender, non movable lump on the collar bone

I have a huge lump on my left side of the collar bone near the neck for almost half a year and sharp pain on my breastbone.

Sometimes, the pain will subside but it comes again after a short while. It is almost there all the time. I was worried that I may be suffering from heart disease and went for an angiogram. The results came back that my heart is normal. I have gone for a blood test but all the reading tend to be normal. I am 59 yr old and I am now worried about the lump and the pain. However, the pain and the lump is at the different site.

You have obviously seen your doctor and they have ruled out an enlarged lymph gland; would have showed up on the blood test too.

My first thought is of a condition called Tietze's syndrome depending just where the lump is. There is no known cause, or conclusive treatment. It affects the joints of the breastbone.

If you run your fingers down the joints between the ribs and the breastbone, are some of them also tender, usually on one side but it can be bilateral.

Because the artery and nerves to the arm pass through a space behind the collarbone it often causes tingling in the arm too, and may affect the diaphragm, with resultant heartburn.

Do you have pain in the mid-back between the shoulderblades?

If all this sounds familiar, get back to me, and we can continue this conversation.

Dr B.R. Lewis DC

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Mar 28, 2020
Reply to the symptoms
by: Anonymous

Firstly, thank you so much for your reply. I don’t feel any tingling on my arm but I feel numbness in it sometimes when I press on it while sleeping. I also don’t feel any pain between my shoulder blade at the back, but I forgot to mention have a lipoma on the mid back. Furthermore, I also feel pains on the rib behind my breast.

Apart from that, I try to run my finger down the joints but I don’t feel any pain. However, I feel occasional heartburn.

Thank you.

None of this I am afraid is conclusive; trying to make an intelligent diagnosis from a distance is fraught with difficulties.

The tenderness of the rib behind your breast would have been significant, but then I would have expected discomfort between the rib and sternum.

I think a breast examination by your doctor should perhaps be your next port of call.

Keep in touch.

Dr B. R. Lewis

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