Hands, Arms, tingling and numb hands and leg tingling.

by Joanie
(Margaretville New york)

Hi, I fell in 2008 after the fall I started getting sharp pains across the top of the back of my neck. Then came the tingling in all 10 of my finger tips. Then both of my hands started tingling and getting very numb. So severe that I couldn`t lift my hand and had to use the left hand to pick up my hand and arm. Feels like it weighs 100 pounds.

I then experienced a slight numbness in both legs and feet.

I then experienced pain so severe that I jumped up out of my bed. My right leg felt like it was totally on fire. When I jumped out of bed I fell right on the floor. This burning pain in my right leg happened 2 weeks ago and then again 2 nights ago. I kind of gotten used of the neck,hands,and slight numbness in my legs I am really concerned about my right leg.

I had an MRI 3 months ago and I was told I had alittle arthritis in my neck.Have I had 2 head scans and they both were normal.I had 2 EMG`S by my Neuro doctor and I was diagnosed with Polymyalgia rheumatica and Fibromyalgia. He told me when he did the EMG that there is a problem with C-5 and C-6.

I decided to try acupunture and I have had about 10 treatments. When I went 2 days ago he put the needles in my neck and then put a clip on the needles which made electricity run through my left arm and he turned the box up to the hightiest that it goes and kept asking me what I felt on my right side and I felt no electricity run through my right side at all. He then left the room and about 2 minutes later I had to call for him to take them off of me I couldn`t stand the pain.

That night the burning pain in my leg from my knee to my ankle was severe. He told me that this is a serious problem and that I should get an MRI right away. I was going on vacation and the doctor told me that I shouldn`t go on easter vacation and I should get the MRI and also see a neurology doctor.

Would you have any idea why I had no feeling on the right side when the electrical test had no response on the right side? Also would you have any idea why I would have such severe burning in my right leg? I am extremley concerned about this. The doctor never told me why I felt no electrcity go through my right side of my neck he only told me I have a serious problem.

My right leg has me very,very concerned. Could you please give me any information as to why I didn`t feel any electricity fo through my right arm and more importantly why me knee to my ankle would burn so severely? My neuro gave me a referal to see a Rheumatology doctor in April. He does not no about my electrical acupunture test or the severe burning in my right leg.

It has almost been over 5 years since this began. It came on slowly and progressed over the years, Now with my leg so severly burning I think maybe I should get a new MD and also a new Neurology doctor. Could you please give me your input I would really appreciate that

Dear Joanie,
I'm afraid I have little to contribute. My honest thoughts are two fold:

You've been the medical wringer with little progress, isn't it perhaps time to start looking for a conscientious thorough chiropractor in your neighbourhood.

My second honest thought: is there perhaps other stuff you haven't told me. Seriously over or under weight? How often do you exercise. When did you last take a half hour walk? Eat crap? How often do you enjoy your five colours per day. Fruit, salad, pecan nuts, hummus, an apple a day... any of it.

Of course, all this is pure speculation. But when you're at the end of your tether, get back to basics. Healthy eating, plenty of fresh air and exercise, you've had a holiday, that's good.

I'm sorry, this may be far off the mark, and I fear I've contributed little.

Dr. Barrie Lewis

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