Grumpy baby

by Emma

I am treating a grumpy baby who has been fitted with a pavlik harness. His sacrum is quite restricted in motion. What do you know about lumbosacral dysfunction and hip dysplasia/pavlik harness wear please?

Many thanks in advance
Emma Keating BSC Hons DC

Hello Dr Emma,
Apologies for long delay in answering. Pavlik harness would have been fitted for a hip dysplasia. It's temporary, perhaps six months. Baby would be grumpy.
And the harness itself would temporarily cause sacral and SI fixations. No harm treating them in the interim, I'm uncertain with what benefit.

Untreated hip dysplasia leads unerringly to full blown very early hip OA and dysability, and sometimes hip replacements before 30 years of age. So I agree with the use of the harness to help forge a deeper socket.

Good luck, very interesting work for you.

Dr B

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