Groin-hip-pubic pain

by Jean

I am woman age 67.

For many years on a few occasions I have had a sharp pain in right groin. Recently it is almost every day and especially as I try and get up from a chair or turnover in bed.
The pain lasts just seconds but I feel it also in the pubic area and, when the pain is bad, my hip hurts too.
For many years have also been to the osteopath with sacroiliac pain.

The osteopath say's that the tendon or muscle inside the thigh is very tight and I always feel better for a couple of weeks after treatment.
What I need to know is should I also consult a Dr or will the osteopath treatment be enough to help me and will it ever go completely.

I don't have any trouble walking, dancing or playing golf.

Thank you

There's lots good about your story, Jean. Firstly that you are not disabled in any way, and are very active. That's all very positive. Also that it responds well to manipulative treatment.

You are obviously concerned, so my advice is to get an X-ray. You may have early osteoarthritis, or a condition such as Femero Acetabular Impingement Syndrome. Or it could be coming from your sacro-iliac joint or back (Maignes Syndrome). If you can, get the X-ray of your pelvis whilst standing. Gives us more information. Will also tell what you can expect in the future.

Talk to your osteopath but I would suggest two or three other things: Pull your knee gently to your chest every morning before getting out of bed, and then gently roll the hip, from out to in, in a circle. Shouldn't cause sharp pain, maybe a little tweak. This condition gradually is associated with reduced movement in the hip, and that's when Immobilisation Arthritis really sets in.

Secondly, I'd start taking cod liver oil, or fish oil, or omega 3 oil. Quite a lot.

Thirdly make a chicken bone broth regularly (save and freeze the bones), and use it to make a soup.

You can type these terms into the search engine on this page to get more info: Eg " chicken bones"

I hope this has contributed and thank you for your question.

Try and get a copy of the X-ray. Or take a digi camera with you, and photograph it on the screen (with the flash off). Take it to your Osteopath, and I'd love to see a copy too.

Dr Barrie Lewis DC

Hello Jean, any update? Get a copy of those X-rays?

Dr B

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