Groin pain right leg crease

by Carrie

Hi for about the last few months have experienced groin pain when lifting leg to put socks on or sitting in any position for awhile. When I lift leg to chest it aches in crease and pain increases when I lift and go towards left shoulder? Any ideas?

Hello Carrie,
Depending on your age the first though is hip arthritis. If you put your right foot onto your left knee and drop into the lotus position, is it limited and painful?

When you pull your right knee towards your chest, does the lower leg tend to turn inwards? And if you or a helper forces the lower leg outwards is it painful in the groin?

Then there are various conditions like dysplasias and impingements that can produce these symptoms. Really a good examination, and probably an x-ray is needed.

Then there are inguinal hernias and other medical conditions that should be considered.

Sometimes it could be a sacroiliac subluxation.

Best get a good examination, and start gently exercising that hip every single day.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B.R. Lewis DC

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