Groin pain after a pelvic fracture

by Lynne Bodilly

Groin pain after a pelvic fracture.

What is the significance of having pain in left groin and inner thigh following a fractured pelvis 3 months ago?

Hello Lynn,
Could you send me a digital copy of the xray of your pelvis? Do it via contact. A simple photograph of the radiograph stuck on a window works fine.

I'm assuming, perhaps wrongly that you have fractured the pubic bone.

Firstly, whenever there is enough force to break a bone, you should assume that one or more of the joints nearby have also been sprained and strained.

That means a sprained ligament or capsule in the hip or sacroiliac joint; and strained muscles attached near the fracture.

As you can see in the graphic there are very large inner thigh muscles running from the fracture site down towards the knee. Pain in the adductor magnus muscle in particular is very common. The bone has healed, but the muscle hasn't.

Then hip joint injuries classically cause groin pain. It's highly likely that you are getting discomfort that is both muscular and joint in origin. Both are very treatable; have you had any care, chiropractic or medical for this misery? Pills aren't helpful.

Rehabilitation and exercise, stretching out and soft tissue therapy to the adductor muscles, extremely painful, I'm afraid, but lasting only a few moments, is what's needed.

The sacroiliac joints must be checked.

It's less likely but an injury to a nerve in the back can also cause pain.

A visit to our causes of osteoporosis page is recommended. Use the site search function at chiropractic help.

Dr B

» Groin pain after a pelvic fracture

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Jul 25, 2017
Pain in left groin after fractured pelvis
by: Anonymous

On reading the comments above I feel my pain could be related however I don't think it was my pubic bone which was fractured, I do however feel aching in inner groin ( left more) and a shooting pain in my left groin when leg is moved not really sharply but I suppose quicker or more than the standard movement, I have a copy of X-rays but don't seem able to add to this post
I'm now 15 weeks on and trying to be as active as possible looking after and riding horses (back at a basic standard)

You have tagged onto someone else's letter which is why you can't add a copy of your x-ray.

It would be better if you went to the link below, and started your own letter at the bottom of the page; then you will be able to add copies of the x-rays for me to scrutinize.

Give more detail of what happened, and if you have it a copy of the radiologist's report, and what treatment you've had. This is a bit thin for me to get a grasp of what is happening.

Dr B

» Pain in left groin after fractured pelvis

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