groin pain 26 yr old female with femoro acetabular impingement syndrome

Femoro acetabular impingement syndrome


I hope you find time to respond to this message. For 2 wks now I am experiencing pain, soreness in my mostly groin, left inner thigh, and back of my lft buttocks. i am in pain when i walk or squat or lean down or lift and am unable to open legs. i am going to request an mri and cortisone injection and cbc bloodcount test. painkillers and msucle reaxers do not work on me at all.

I'm desperate and depressed.

There's really no need to be desperate and depressed. After all, you've only had this for two weeks. And, for the moment, an MRI and cortisone are not needed.

But a plain xray of your pelvis would certainly be useful.

There really are quite a lot of possibilities, and the diagnosis can only be made after a diligent and thorough examination of your hip, sacroiliac joints and lumbar spine.

See that opening your legs, abduction, is painful, I would be thinking in the first instance of a hip condition. Look up Fabere test, really just the lotus position. Is it limited? Is it painful?

Pull your knee to your chest, and then towards the opposite shoulder. Limited? Painful? Or really are these movements full, but perhaps painful?

Run your thumb from the groin down the inner thighs. Is it excruciating?

The most likely causes are a femoro acetabular impingement syndrome, or a hip dysplasia, but like I said there are several others.

I would recommend you have a pelvic xray, and then start looking for a chiropractor who works with the hip joint. Ask before you make an appointment. Pain in the groin. Mention fais, do they sound totally at sea? Move on. Perhaps ask your local chiropractic association for someone who works with hips. A sport chiropractor would be a good idea too.

Let me know how you get on. I hope this has been helpful.

Now, nuff of that desperate and depressed stuff! If you're no better in three months, well then, perhaps.

Dr Barrie Lewis DC


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Apr 07, 2012
Acetebelum cycst and post stem cell transplant for testicular semninima
by: Anonymous

Why is there a growing cyst in the acetabelum? The patient is 17 months post stem-cell transplant. MD said it has been present all along but has grown upon cat scan. I didn't get to read the impression but thee patient (my boyfriend) is going for an MRI of it. MD does not think it is related to the cancer which so far has not returned. Can you quell my anxiety and tell me it is problably NOTHING (related to his cancer)?
Thanx a bunch, Linda

Hello Linda,
Sorry, but I can't answer your question without a lot more detail, and even then perhaps not. It's a "medical" problem and you will just have to trust the medics for good judgement.

Obviously be pleased the cancer hasn't returned, usually very treatable.

But any cancer, means a complete change of lifestyle. Take it as a warning, or it'll turn up somewhere else. Go to and look up "Anti Cancer". Marvellous book written by a psychiatrist who twice got brain cancer.

Good luck.

Dr B

Jan 20, 2012
Re: stressed depressed 26 yr old
by: Anonymous

Hello I want to firstly thank you for responding so quickly , firstly i read online about femero acebetular impingement and i have just had an mri this morning i am assuming the mri and my upcoming chiropractic appt might determine that ??

also because even after reading about it i still do not understand, secondly i read about fabere test or "patricks test" in the lotus position , although i fear trying this knee thigh flex i will later tonight !

I have pain, tenderness, some swelling in what i believe is called the inguinal and femoral left side

i hope i do not have lymphoma or breast cancer i will ask for the appropriate tests etc

Web MD states" The lymph nodes in the groin (femoral or inguinal lymph nodes) may swell from an injury or infection in the foot, leg, groin, or genitals. In rare cases, testicular cancer, lymphoma, or melanoma may cause a lump in this area."
thanks for your help i hope my conidtion can be helped. many thanks. Antonietta

Hello again Antoinietta,
Whilst a lymphoma is a possibility, frankly from what you say, I wouldn't at this stage be over anxious on that score. Prod in the groin... are there distinct lumps and bumps?

That adduction pain points to the greater likelihood of a hip condition. Send me a copy of the MRI of you pelvis.

And FAIS is very treatable by a chiropractor who knows what he's about. Don't rush into the surgical route.

Chin up, wait for the result from tomorrow.

Dr B

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