Groin and thigh pain

by Jessica
(Cullman al)

My husband started hurting about two weeks ago when he had a cramp start in the back of the thigh and we couldn't get it to go away; and ever since the cramp he had hurt in his groin inner and front of thigh and knee and sometime the front of leg but the pain comes and goes; but most of the time it's worse at night and he is more in pain than not in pain.

We went to hospital and the said it was just a pulled muscle but didn't do any x-ray at all or anything. He was giving Monica and they sent him home that's been a week ago; took all his meds and still in servere pain can you please give me your advice on this and what may help it.

It affects his walking and he always hurting bad in that those areas.

Hello Jessica,
I know you said no x-rays, but did anyone actually examine him? Ask him to bend, twist, lift his legs, take reflexes, and so on? Or was the diagnosis of a pulled muscled sucked out of the air?

I'm not sure because it's unusual for the pain to be both at the back and the front of the thigh. It's two different nerves, and whilst it's theoretically possible to have two injured nerves, it's most uncommon.

Plus groin pain suggests that it may be a hip problem.

I would suggest he start doing some gentle lower back exercises, you'll find them at Chiropractic Help in the navigation bar, every morning, use alternating ice and heat and, if he wasn't actually examined, take him to a proper doctor.

If it continues for more than another week, I would certainly recommend x-rays.

Dr B

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