Gnawing pain in right buttocks has moved to the left

I've experienced a gnawing, dull pain in the right buttocks for about 2 yrs, but after sleeping horizontally one night, the pain has moved from the right to the left buttock. No longer experiencing any pain in the right, just the left. I have been to see the Doctor but he doesn't want to give me an x-ray as it would mean too much radiation on my abdominal area (ovaries etc) Please help :S x

Hello S,
Half of me agrees with your doctor, 7% of cancer is caused by medical X-rays, the other says: after years we need a diagnosis.

What's needed now is a good (chiropractic?) examination. What are the signs, what does the orthopaedic and neurological examination indicate... and perhaps X-rays; has your doctor actually examined you?

The difficulty with buttock pain, particularly now it's switched, is that the pain is often being referred from elsewhere. Perhaps a Maigne's syndrome, perhaps SI, and sometimes even from the hip. And of course from the internal organs.

You are right to be concerned, and more pushy. It is your health after all.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

Meantime, start the "lower back exercises" which you can find at Chiropractic Help. Every morning before getting out of bed. Take less than two minutes.

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