Glute and leg pain

by Karen
(Fullerton )

So I just tried a new Chiropractor, he is assessing/treating me for piriformis syndrome...well I happened to ask him to check my knee as I twisted the patella area recently, was still hurting a little...well I regret it..He said he was going to adjust it, bends it a couple times then pulls my leg really hard...I heard a crackle all around my groin area and right away my lower/glute/butt area began to hurt, deep dull pain. I told him right away that it hurt and what happened, he said it would go away. Well I was in tears all night, took some motrin, use "the stick" to roll out the pain and felt a tiny bit better. I called him first thing in the morning and he agreed he was wrong to be that harsh but that I would be fine. He adjusted me, the regular stuff, back and neck and moved my leg/hip around a bit. It feels stuck, very tight? Should I go back to my old chiro, will this go away soon. I have vacation at 3 theme parks next week, what do I do? Sooooo frustrated.

Please respond if you have any suggestions asap.

Hello Karen,
Unfortunately doctor caused disease, also known as iatrogenic illness, doesn't just pertain to medicine.

Long axis traction, perhaps with a jerk, is a rather old fashioned but still used technique; in fact I use it myself occasionally to free up a stubborn hip or sacro iliac problem. The problem is that it's very non specific; in any case it wouldn't help a patellar problem.

The key as in any manipulation, is to provide the right amount of force for that patient. Too little and you don't achieve what you're after, too much and you hurt the patient.

He's right; it probably will heal itself, but maybe not as fast as you'd like. Lie on your back on your bed and pull the knee gently to the chest, and rotate the hip using the knee as a lever, stretching the joint capsule. You should feel it, but stop short of pain. Do it half a dozen times a day, perhaps ten rotations; ice the painful area.

Go back to him? There you must follow your own instincts. All doctors of all ilks hurt their patients occasionally. I do too. First do no harm was the charm of Hippocrates.

Tip: don't ask any doctor to treat several conditions at one consultation; it just means that a proper evaluation isn't done, and then you get hurt.

I hope you get to your holiday. Let us know how you get on, keeping to the same thread.

Dr Barrie Lewis DC


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Aug 09, 2014
feeling better
by: karen

Dr. B, after 2 days of the excruciating pain I went back to my old chiro. He thinks the other guy may have broken up old adhesions, which may be a good thing if he didn't hurt anything else. My regular guy did ultrasound therapy and adjusted me. I felt 30% better immediately. Continuing to feel better but still feel tightness in a specific spot on lower back and making my hip feel stuck. Wasn't feeling that before the pull. Ugh. All in all I do feel better. Any suggestions for the current tightness?

Our basic lower back exercises, I think are a must for everyone. We sit too much and there's an epidemic of lower back tightness and pain. I do them myself.

I think you made the right decision.

Dr B

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