Gastero GERD

by Serena
(Pasadena, CA USA)

My chest feels heavy every morning when I wake up.

When I go to bed at night and lay on my right side I get super dizzy I have to turn the other side.

Hello Serena,
There are most likely two different things going on here.

That dizziness when turning in bed is called vertigo. To confirm it, ask hubby to look intently at your eyes as you turn; they will most likely flicker side to side, or go in circles. It is called nystagmus.

If you type vertigo into the site search function at Chiropractic Help you will find some exercises that may fix it. They aren't pleasant as they will provoke the dizziness, so persevere.

If they don't help, then you have to find a doctor who can help you with the Epley manoeuvres; it most cases they will fix it.

It is usually caused by loose crystals in the inner ear that need to be cleared by those movements. In a small percentage of cases it is 'central' in nature, and more serious. What is your general health like? If you have high blood pressure, diabetes or are obese then see your medical doctor. It is hard, but cut out all the refined carbohydrate in your diet, and you will be a different person.

The heaviness in the chest is a medical problem that I would not like to comment on; there are a multitude of causes and a proper examination is needed.

If you have been told it is GERD, then there are three important things you can and should do.

1. Lie on your left side for the first half of the night.

2. Don't drink any more than a few teaspoons of water after dinner.

3. Start making and taking kefir every day. It's easy to prepare at home, and inexpensive.

Let me know if this contributes, and how you get on.

Dr B.R. Lewis

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