Fused SI joint with Sacrum

by Karen

In continuing my research to know what is wrong with me, today my chiro found something interesting in my xrays that were recently taken. He beleives my SI joint has/is fused with my sacrum, thus causing my very limited mobility and pain...Low back, unable to rotate my hip in/out without pain, stuck feeling, radiating pain from groin to IT band/knee.

Started in 2005, 2010 had bone graph surgery on same hip for proximal femur that was 30% gone.

I am a single female, 36 years old with 2 young kids; I'm working full time...I need help.

Hello Karen,
Yes, you do need help, I'm sorry to say.

The first step is to have a test for ankylosing spondylitis; it causes a bony fusion of the sacrum to the ilium.

Much more commonly though, is the severe fixation that occurs in the SI joint when you have a hip condition; it locks and feels like it's fused but in actual fact can be freed because it's not actually ankylosed.

Could you send me a copy of the x-rays; attach them digitally to this page, or send them to contact. Or, at least a copy of the radiological report.

Do a couple of little tests for me. Lie on your back and pull the knee on the good side to your chest, and then towards the opposite shoulder. Now repeat with the naughty hip. What's the difference?

Do the same, placing your heel on the opposite knee, and dropping the knee into the lotus position. Look up Fabere test if this makes no sense. What's the difference?

From what you are describing there's a high suspicion of either hip dysplasia or femoral acetabular impingement syndrome; look them up using the Search function key at C-H.

Let me know, keeping to this thread.

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Sep 01, 2014
by: karen

Hello, so the newer chiro that had my crater professionally reviewed says I have degenerative arthritis. I've been told in the past I had minor arthritis in my back, but what is showing by so joint is just that...bad arthritis and not fusion. Now waiting to hear back from my long time chiro whom thought it was fused. He sent trays to be reviewed as well. Soon as I get them back, I can post. I began taking turmeric and have to say I feel better and it's only been a week. So much closer to an answer in all this.

Arthritis where? In your hip or back, or SIJ? And pulling your knee to your chest?

Dr Barrie Lewis

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