Fused L5

by Kahlilah
(Biloxi MS)

I have a fused L5; it's fused to the top of my ilium on both sides. Just found out about this last October but have been having back pain for most of my adult life. It hurts more now since my last job working at a shipyard for ten months last year. It hurts to sit up for long, walk, and sometimes when I sleep on my side or back. I am at a loss because I lost my job in December and now seeking VA benefits. Because it is congenital I know I can't get VA benefits so I will apply for social security disability.

I can't work like this; I'm in bad shape. However I need the Medicaid to get care. Do you think this is degenerative without care? Could I get SSDI? Thank You for any help you can provide.

Hello Kahlilah,
I'm not an American, so not familiar with SSDI.

What's good is that you make no mention of leg pain; just a sore back. That means it's likely to be very treatable, although you've had the pain for a long time.

Are you doing any back exercises? That's the place to start. See the navigation bar at chiropractic help.

Dr B

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