frozen shoulder

by edwin
(kilmarnock ayrshire scotland)

I have been told that I had a frozen shoulder, but the pain not only affects my shoulder, but I feel more pain in my muscle when I move it the wrong way; it's very painful and it seems to lose power for awhile, and my movements are getting limited as the weeks go by. I'm still waiting for xray results.

Hello Edwin,
All shoulder problems seem to radiate down towards the attachment of the large muscle at the top of the shoulder called the deltoid. So, don't be too concerned about it feeling muscular.

In fact the xray may show deposits of calcium in the muscles in the shoulder.

There are several pages on frozen shoulder at Chiropractic Help and also at Chiropractic Books. Read them; it's sobering.

It's vital you start immediately with the exercises you'll find at our site; in fact they are the most popular youtube exercises at the site, seen by somewhere near 100 thousand viewers.

Just start slowly, and do them very faithfully several times a day, otherwise you shoulder will turn to a block of concrete for three years or more.

I'd advise you to look up a local chiro; this is a condition we excel in. The cause is often in the acromioclavicular or first rib joint, and if they aren't loosened, this will take an age of misery to get better.

Even so with chiropractic care you will be sore for a month or two, and even after a year there may be some residual stiffness; but nothing like the agony if you do nothing.

If there are calcium deposits, there's some research showing it may be related to a magnesium deficiency. Start eating plenty of the Popeye stuff; in fact plant some in your garden this spring. Type how to grow spinach into the search engine at chiropractic help and it'll take you to a sister site.

Good luck. Let us know in a couple months how you are getting on.

Dr B

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