Foot/ankle problems

by Clair
(Athol, Idaho, USA)

Hi, when I was in sixth grade I sprained my foot when I tripped on my toe. Now I am in eighth grade and during that period of time my ankle would hurt. The sides of my ankle would hurt when I touched them, and when I bent my foot straight that hurt as well. Occasionally my ankle will start hurting when I run or jump to hard but I am still confused. Thank you.

Hello Claire,
That's two years, a long time to have been sore; it's time to convince your folks that you need to see someone experienced in treating feet and ankles.

Not just expensive orthotic inners. What actually happened, what structures were injured and what's to be done.

Some xrays may be necessary depending on what they find.

Start talking to folk and friends, your doctor, and find someone who knows about feet.

Good luck,

Dr B

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