foot pain

by Karen

I have been to a podiatrist who did not really help me at all. I have had x-rays also. is the issue...

I have what I am supposing is Plantar Fasciitis. At least I think I have this now after the doctor suggested the plastic Spenco inserts for arch support. When I first went to the podiatrist, I went for a totally different pain. The pain is mainly in the outer left side of my left foot and the top outer portion. It is really bad in the morning until it is "warmed up" after being up for a few minutes. I know this is a characteristic of PF, but it was not in my heel....just the outer part of the foot. Honestly, it feels like if I step down I am going to break my foot. The pain is there through out the day if I step on it with all my weight. I think this is causing me to walk funny and then causing the other pains in my feet possibly? However, after wearing the inserts, the pain is also in my heel now. It is very painful in the back of the heel around the rim...not where you actually step down.

I saw a chiropractor about 5 years ago for a back right hip issue that was needing adjusting. I do not have a chiropractor in this area now (we have moved). I do not have insurance. But, most importantly, I do not know who to go to. We are in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

I just don't know what to do at this point. The podiatrist put me through a round of steroids, but they did not help. Do you have any suggestions? I do try to regularly stretch my muscles. I used to walk 4 miles a day and lead a very active I can't hardly finish my shopping for groceries without pain.

I also know that I have read about rest, rest, rest. But does that mean staying off the feet completely and for how long. I am just wondering if you think a chiropractor could help in this instance. Also, do you know of any way to find out a good chiropractor in our area. Thanks

Hello Karen,
Just to be sure this pain isn't coming from your back (the side of the foot is typical of the S1 dermatome) type "Slump test" into the Search this site function at C-H. Do the test.

However it sounds to me like you have a condition called Metatarsalgia affecting the joint between the toe and metatarsal bone, or perhaps one of the bones in the midfoot.

You need to find a chiropractor who works with feet. I'd phone your state chiropractic association and ask them.

It's the kind of thing I deal with all day long, but not all chiropractors work with feet.

Those orthotics are transfering the load from the outer foot to the heel. Try them for a few weeks, but if your gut feeling is that they are not helping, or even aggravating, then dump them. Yes, almost always worse in the morning.

Absolutely try and avoid total rest. You'll simply end up with another problem, osteoporosis... there is help out there. Find it. Perhaps easier said than done. Try to avoid huge amounts for more orthotics, find a hands-on chiropractor.

Dr B

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Oct 23, 2011
thanks for the reply
by: Anonymous

Dr. B
Thank you for the reply. I have since found a chiropractor that has completed the x-rays, scans, etc. He is a Cranial Spinal integration Chiropractor. I am not even sure that I am on the right track.

I have had 2 adjustments so far. He levers my neck and also uses a "thumping" device in several places on my back. The Left hip and Left side of my neck did show up with strain on the tests. He has said that he will work on my foot, however, he has not yet. I mentioned it during the first adjustment and he said he would get to it the next time. He did not. I am not sure if I should mention it again and again or how to approach the subject.

I am in extreme pain still in the mornings with my foot. If I have been on my feet throughout the day, I have tired very achy feet still at night. I guess I should ask the doc again about my feet tomorrow at my visit, but I just don't want to annoy him with asking again.

Again...thank you for your response.

Tell him straight, Karen, it's your feet that hurt not your pelvis. It can affect the pelvis for sure, but he must work on your feet too.

Remember, I said look for a chiro who also works with feet. And avoid more expensive orthotics. If he can't locate and fix the subluxations in your feet, go elsewhere.

Dr B

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