Flank pain, anterior hip and groin pain, quad weakness/throbbing

by Kim
(Massachusetts )

Hello! I came across this site when a doctor mentioned Maigne’s Syndrome. I am an elite semi-professional runner who cannot run because of my anterior hip, groin, side, and low back pain. I feel that the Maigne’s Syndrome pain pattern is almost a perfect fit with a couple of exceptions. My quad pain sometimes feels lateral but mostly it is more anterior, sometimes going almost to my knee and I do not have pain at the thoracolumbar junction. It is hard to find someone to treat me. I have spent months going from one professional to the next, getting bone scans and multiple MRIs. I have another hip MRI tomorrow but when I had a hip MRI one year ago, it was clear (except a stress reaction but that’s another story). A spine doctor dismissed me when I asked about Maigne’s. Do you ever see patients who in fact have Maigne’s with a pain pattern similar to mine? Your guidance is appreciated!

Hello Kim,
Without pain, or at least a fixation at the T/L junction, there wouldn't normally be talk of Maigne's syndrome. However, flank pain....?

Is there pain in the groin if you run your thumb with a little oil, starting at the ASIS?

Meralgia paresthetica is another possibility.

Short leg?

Call the local state association and see if you can locate a sports qualified chiropractor; FICS.

Can you send me an x-ray of your pelvis. Could be a hip problem.

Dr B

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