Femoral nerve/spinal injury vs piriformis sciatica pain

by Loria
(Roanoke, VA)

Maignes syndrome

Maignes syndrome

I have pain in both buttocks, which is wrapping around the hips and going down the front of the leg to the knee on the right side. The leg weakness so far is on the right side only. There is now minor pain going down the back of the leg to the knee.

Before treatment with steroids and physical therapy working on the piriformis muscle/gluteal area, and daily use of NSAIDs, I had a marked limp (not able to pull my right leg forward or flex the hip, not able to climb stairs very well).
I have pain and 'pins and needles' in the groin area. I cannot sit for long periods due to pain in the buttocks right where I sit. I am a Type 1 (Juvenile form) diabetic. I have not seen a neurologist yet, as they are 'very busy' and appointments run from 3-6 weeks out.

I am very worried that now that I am off steroids symptoms are slowly returning. I cannot take high dose steroids again! That was very dangerous for me, as I was up to 500 blood sugar daily even though I was taking almost triple the amount of insulin I usually do.

Hello Loria,
I'm afraid they probably missed the boat. Whoever was treating you graduated in the bottom half of the class! The femoral nerve comes from the mid to upper lumbar spine, and working on the glutes and piriformis wouldn't help.

Actually, it's in your favour that the neurologists are busy. Get yourself to an experienced chiropractor and make sure they check the UPPER lumbar spine.

You probably have a condition called Maigne's syndrome - an upper lumbar condition that radiates to the buttock and groin.

Caution: Diabetes has a fondness for the Femoral nerve that supplies the quadriceps muscle. However this is usally a painLESS weakness.

More likely you have a Femoral nerve lesion, it could be a slipped disc or other, that is pinching the nerve.

Did the therapist / your doctor check the quadriceps reflex, strength of the quadriceps and the Femoral nerve stretch? All absolutely vital in your case.

I would also advise a scan in your case. I presume X-rays have already been taken. What did they show?

Sorry not to be more positive, but this is a serious condition. Finding out exactly where the nerve is pinched, releasing the nerve with the correct manipulation and a vigorous exercise programme are vital.

Be careful now. Avoid lots of bending, lifting, vacuum cleaner... use your common sense. Type Maignes syndrome exercises into the Search this site function at C-H.

Let me know what happens.

Dr b

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