Femoral nerve with numbness and pain

by Khan

I have had a shooting pain severe on the medial side of thigh of right near the groin; it was bad. I took pain killers but I felt numbness and then it by right side of lower back also started hurting. I work in a factory and had picked up weight which started it; my neurophysician has given me a nerve relaxant and muscle relaxant.

My hip bends 80 degree and the knee jerk is fine. He didn't prescribe MRI.

I feel highly uncomfortable and am limping; do I have neuritis? Or disc problem?

Hello Khan,
I have some very specific things for you to do. Please do them, and write down what you feel immediately and reply as accurately as you can if you want a helpful reply from me. Answer only half the questions, or in vague way, and my replies will be equally useless.

1. With no medication for 24 hours, bend slowly forwards, then backwards, and then to the side. Tell me EXACTLY what you feel and where. Do it carefully, this can aggravate your problem.

2. Sitting in a kitchen chair, straight your left leg parallel to the ground. Remember what you feel. Now repeat with the naughty right leg; what's the difference? Be precise.

3. Standing, bounce on your left leg, thinking about the strength of the knee muscles. Now repeat with the right. EXACTLY what is the difference.

4. Lying on your back, pull your knee to your chest, and then to the opposite shoulder, and then in a circle. Repeat with the right leg. EXACTLY what's the difference?

Give me some accurate answers, and we'll take this further.

Dr B

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Nov 27, 2015
Herpes zoster
by: Anonymous

Much thanks. I developed rash along thee path of the femoral nerve yesterday. Dr. Diagnosed it has herpes zoster.

Most unusual place to get it, but I'm sure he's right.

Dr B

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