femoral nerve problem

by Dave
( Sugar land, tx. Ft. Bend county)

Maignes syndrome referred pain pattern.

Maignes syndrome referred pain pattern.

femoral nerve problem

Bent down to take clothes out of dryer 8 days ago. Felt sharp stabbing pain in lower right back. Developed numbness and very slight soreness in right groin and thigh. Also sitting in chair upper right buttocks throbs. Has improved as far as back pain and had massage today that helped. Last 3 days have done some stretching of hams and back.

Hello Dave,
For starters I wouldn't stretch your hamstrings; if this is a sciatica or even femoral nerve problem it would likely make it worse.

Do a little test. Sitting in the chair, straighten first your left leg parallel to the ground. Lower your foot. Now extend the right knee; if it does nothing slowly flex your head on your chest. What happens when you do that? It's called the Slump test and measures the dural tension on the sciatic nerve. The femoral is more difficult.

Also, it's not wise to bend over; if you have a disc injury, it will make it worse. Not sure how you are stretching your back. The safest is to lie on your back and pull one knee at a time onto your chest. Pulling both together would relieve a lumabar facet problem, but aggravate a disc injury. What's needed is a diagnosis.

If it's going to the groin and upper front of the thigh, it's most likely related to a mid to high lumbar region. You might try the Maignes syndrome exercises, as well as lower back exercises. Type these terms into the Site Search function at chiropractic help site.

Meantime, just be careful. Ice your back, sit less particularly in comfortable television chairs and the car.

When it radiates into the leg I usually recommend a professional opinion sooner rather than later.

I hope this contributes to your femoral nerve problem.

Dr B

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Jul 01, 2014
Femoral nerve pain reply
by: DaVe

Dear Dr.,
Thanks for the reply. It's been 15 days since the back spasm and it has improved tremendously. I still have slight numbness and soreness in the thigh area but has improved. Lower back pain is gone. Sitting pain in my buttocks is almost gone. The back stretching exercises that you described is one of the ones I am doing.

Didn't know not to stretch my hamstrings but I have played tennis twice, singles, and didn't want to be too tight. I will lay off the hams though for now. Thanks very much for your advice.

Hello Dave,
Pleasure. Stretching the hamstrings is important but not for six weeks until this has healed. Remember the pain goes away faster than it heals; hurt it again in the next month and you'll be in real trouble.

Stay away from tennis for a month, and then do a disciplined warm up and cool off regimen with all your sport. Tennis players are naughty! Just walk on the court and start bashing the ball; that's not enough of a warm up, particularly after injury. Good luck, stay well.

Dr B

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