Femoral Nerve pain with weakness in the leg

by Sharon Rister

Right side front and inner thigh, groin area, excruciating pain goes into my knee down in my shin area to toes where they are spreading into a V.

Unbearable pain in my butt area; it goes into my knee.

No sitting for long periods nor standing.

Ball of foot burns now has severe spasms; inner right thigh to my knee for four years.

Doctor says arthritis; no pain in back. Night time is unbearable to sleep feels like I don't know how to explain the pain.

I cracked a bone in my nose falling; I could not stand; I would just fall. I can get no explanation from my doctors. Only that it's arthritis. I really need help the pain is making me crazy please.

Hello Sharon,
Firstly a huge apology for reply only after so many months. No excuses.

If you've been having this for so long and your doctors have no solution then it is definitely time for a thorough chiropractic examination.

The first thing to rule out is hip arthritis; that also radiates down the inner thigh to the knee but not usually to the lower leg. Lying on your back pull your knee to your chest; do you get groin pain?

Now test three muscle groups. Can you raise your big toe off the ground? Can you lift the heel when standing on one leg?

And lastly if you bounce on your leg does it feel like the knee is going to give? Are you having difficulty on the stairs?

If you bend forwards, backwards and to the side, do you get any pain in the back or leg?

Start asking around amongst your friends and family for the name of a competent and thorough local chiropractor. This is going to take more than a few clicks of your back to fix. An MRI may be necessary.

Let me know how you get on and again apologies for this very late reply.

Dr BR Lewis, DC

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